Chairman's Message

We, at Al Zayani, are firmly focused on providing our customers with the highest levels of service. Retailing the world’s finest automotive brands, our relationship with our customers does not end with the sales transaction, it only begins.

We have built our customer service philosophy around three main pillars: Our people, our premises and our product. Our people are our most important asset. We choose every member through a very rigorous recruitment process to ensure that we include only the highest calibres that can ensure we exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our premises are constantly being developed to match state of the art criteria and ensure that our employees are equipped with the best resources to maintain highest customer satisfaction.

And finally we represent the finest automotive brands in the world and are privileged to be able to offer our customers the very best product in the market place.

Today, companies are aggressively competing to provide the best product, however, we go a step further and explore how we can distinguish our products with the standards of services that we provide; every one of our customers is a VIP and is treated as one.

I would like to thank you for visiting our website and invite you to discover the world of Al Zayani, where we do not just provide cars; but also a whole new lifestyle.